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Pere Rubio
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I'm Catalan, born in Sabadell ( Barcelona) and since my childhood I have always been fascinated by nature.

In the early seventies I started in photography by taking pictures of everything that "I had around me/in front of me" but later on nature became my passion and main subject of my cliches. This passion is the one that led me to start diving , and it became my second hobby, plus at the same time a new and tempting horizon was opened so I could develop my photographic work . 

At the beginning my work with underwater photography was focused on taking pictures in order to take part in contests where occasionally I was awarded . However after a while I felt the need to fully commit in nature's disclosure, in its purest possible state, without adding anything , so my work took a more natural way leaving aside the aesthetic policy that  rule such contests.

Never forgetting my beloved Mediterranean Sea, for whom I feel a special love, my interest and desire to know more about this wonderful planet, has led me to several and far away destinations ..

… I feel very fortunate to have been able to visit truly special places both terrestrial and under water, coming across a large variety of species which very often were endangered and survivors of increasingly impoverished habitats… 

If it was necessary to justify a purpose of my images, this one would be to spread the beauty and diversity that we still can find in many places of this world and the need to preserve it for future generations.

Online Contributions
Unisub L'Estartit
Last Exhibitions


Sabadell - 2010

Barcelona - 2011


Retalls de mar

Sabadell - 2012

Lloret de Mar - 2013


Sabadell - 2015

Terrassa - 2016

Barcelona - 2017

We are happy to help if you wish to use any of our images, and are open to discussing suitable fees or waivers, depending on your use purpose.  Do not hesitate to contact us.

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